Paint Project

An older memory but one that I think of fondly.

Eugene, Oregon, 2014.

We were taking advantage of the cool summer evenings with a summertime outdoor paint project. Pictured: my dear friend, roommate and travel buddy-  she managed to turn herself into a canvas along the way.

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We Made History

We made history [“HERstory”]. I joined 590,000 others on Saturday for the Women’s March on Washington in Washington, DC. We were joined by 600 protests in sister cities, including 3.3 million marchers in U.S. cities. To this amazing Wordpress community: did you march? If so, where? I would love to hear about it. Continue reading “We Made History”


Lazy Sunday, feat. Sunflowers


The majority of my photography is location-specific and travel-focused. Travel is synonymous with photography for me. But there are also days, like today, that are for appreciating the “normal” occurrences, like beautiful sunflowers and a kitchen that floods with natural afternoon light.


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