Old Santa Fe

New Mexico-Santa Fe-Mission

San Miguel Mission, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Continue reading


Capitol Stones

Rock Creek Park- Capitol Stones Designs

Nestled in the middle of the forest, off of a narrow trail, lies the dumping ground of the Capitol Stones, the historic stones that were once part of the U.S. Capitol building.

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Baku, The Walled City


Some snapshots from my recent June trip to Baku, Azerbaijan. I spent an afternoon wandering The Walled City of Baku, the archaic part of the city positioned on the edge of the Caspian Sea and surrounded by a 12th century wall.  Continue reading

Tbilisi and Steinbeck


During the Cold War (1947), John Steinbeck visited the Soviet Union, alongside photography Robert Capa. Steinbeck wrote about their travels, and Capa photographed them. One of their stops along the way was Tbilisi. Steinbeck described their time in Georgia (and 70 years later it is still true), writing: Continue reading

Around Town: Remembering History

Gettysburg_Address_Mural_DCI played “tourist” in my city of Washington, DC this week, and re-visited some monuments on the National Mall. I’ve visited the Lincoln Memorial no less than a dozen times, each time noticing new details with a fresh eye, like the Angel of Truth Mural above Lincoln’s engraved speech.  Continue reading

Boston: The City on a Hill


I took an overnight train to Boston from Washington, DC (photos of the train ride here), determined to take in as much history and culture in a 72 hour window as possible . Boston is a city rooted in rebellion and revolution, which is a continued source of pride. It is also the city of nicknames: Beantown (baked beans) , The City on a Hill (John Winthrop), The Hub (Oliver Wendell’s The Hub of the Universe), and America’s Walking City. Here are some suggestions for visiting the oldest city in America.

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