Georgetown: Festive Doors and Decorations


Camera in tow, I strolled through Washington, DC’s historic Georgetown neighborhood on Christmas Eve, where most doors are adorned by whimsical wreaths and holiday decorations. I’m sharing some favorites for my door-lovers and holiday decoration-lovers.

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Bookstore on Capitol Hill


There is a bookstore on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, where the books overflow from the shelves. Stacks of books tower over me, block the windows, and rest on chairs. Continue reading

Baku, The Walled City


Some snapshots from my recent June trip to Baku, Azerbaijan. I spent an afternoon wandering The Walled City of Baku, the archaic part of the city positioned on the edge of the Caspian Sea and surrounded by a 12th century wall.  Continue reading

Finding Street Art in Georgia

georgia_art_heartFinding street art in Georgia … lucky, it isn’t hard to do. And it only adds character to an already vibrant cultural center. Last week, I posted some *heavenly landscape shots of my recent trip to Tbilisi. Here are some favorite art scenes from same that heart-stealing adventure. Continue reading

Tbilisi and Steinbeck


During the Cold War (1947), John Steinbeck visited the Soviet Union, alongside photography Robert Capa. Steinbeck wrote about their travels, and Capa photographed them. One of their stops along the way was Tbilisi. Steinbeck described their time in Georgia (and 70 years later it is still true), writing: Continue reading