Paint Project

An older memory but one that I think of fondly.

Eugene, Oregon, 2014.

We were taking advantage of the cool summer evenings with a summertime outdoor paint project. Pictured: my dear friend, roommate and travel buddy-  she managed to turn herself into a canvas along the way.

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Finding Street Art in Georgia

Finding street art in Georgia … lucky, it isn’t hard to do. And it only adds character to an already vibrant cultural center. Last week, I posted some *heavenly landscape shots of my recent trip to Tbilisi. Here are some favorite art scenes from same that heart-stealing adventure.

loveishere_georgia_artlove is here


Georgian_Script_Artwishing I spoke Georgian

Georgian_Art_Catoutside an orthodox church

georgia_art_heartheart in hand

I saw this street art six months ago, when I visited Tbilisi in December 2016 (and posted it here). It stuck with me. So I was delighted when I came across it again during my recent trip. Last time, I saw it at dawn. Here it is again, this time at dusk.


Keepin’ Austin Weird

Greetings from Austin Mural

I took a recent trip to Austin, Texas, which I briefly illustrated in my last post. A significant portion of my trip involved me stumbling across numerous beautiful murals throughout the city.

These eclectic murals capture the city’s diverse identity that has been shaped by it’s leading role as a hub for politics, education, and the arts.  They express faith, identity, community, and mandates, like “SMILE! Even if you don’t want to.”

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