City at Dusk


Overlooking the city at dusk from the Spanish Steps, just west of Dupont Circle. I’ve talked in the past about how I like a good vantage point (see my post on my favorite viewpoints across various cities). Being higher up above the city makes me feel grounded. It gives me perspective about my place in this city. 

Washington, DC. Spring 2018.



4 thoughts on “City at Dusk

  1. When we visited DC we headed straight for Dupont Circle. We were on our first major trip together – but we found something in common early on. We both had seen “The American President” more than once. Dupont Circle gets mentioned frequently as a place to avoid, but we loved it. There was a farmer’s market there. We bought ourselves a picnic. it was Thanksgiving weekend and the whole population seemed to be somewhere else. Magical spot.

    We also loved Georgetown.


    • I have lived in DC for a few years now, and Dupont Circle is still one of my favorite places. You have residential areas, restaurants, and entertainment within a short walking distance. These “Spanish Steps” where I took the photo were built over 100 years ago, and they’re nestled in between a few embassies that are tucked away in the Dupont neighborhood. Thanksgiving is a GREAT time to explore… the museums empty out, and getting restaurant reservations is easy. Around the holidays in December is also good, and although it’s cold, snow is not very common.
      I love it, and I’m glad you have fond memories there as well. 🙂


  2. We have only been to D.C. once and did not see this place or even know about it. The architecture looks interesting and appears to be worth a closer look on another trip. Thanks for sharing.

    BTW – You have a great blog name for photography.


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