Colonia’s Quirk

Uruguay-Colonia-del-Sacramento-OvergrownIn Colonia del Sacramento, there is a small cafe called El Drugstore where people sit and sip fantastic cocktails while listening to live acoustic music. A vintage car sits on cobblestone near the entrance; it doesn’t run anymore, and its tires are deflated, but the car serves as a makeshift garden. The seats and trunk overflow with plants, which have grown tall enough to spill out the sunroof and the windows. How quirky!


Colonia del Sacramento is a historic Uruguayan city along the Río de La Plata and a short ferry ride from Buenos Aires. The cobblestone streets are lined with vintage cars (some functioning, some not) and old buildings draped in vibrant bougainvillea vines. It leaves visitors feeling like they have been transported to a different era.  I find myself happily reminiscing about my time there.


Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay. November 2012.


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