Montevideo Rewards Those Who Wander


Before this photoblog was born, I spent a few adventure-filled months studying Spanish language and culture in Rosario, Argentina. I considered exploration of the South American terrain as part of my studies 🙂 traveling east to Uruguay, west over the Andes into Chile, and way north to the convergent point between Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. During this time, I wandered a lot, often stumbling upon situations/experiences that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

Like this scene: after a sleepless overnight bus ride from Buenos Aires to Montevideo, three adventure buddies and I set out the explore (wander) the city. We stumbled upon this military procession in the Plaza Independencia, which is marked by a statue of the Uruguayan revolutionary José Artigas. As the main plaza in the city, the Plaza Independencia houses the hero’s body in a subterranean mausoleum and acts as a divide between the old city and the more-modern downtown area. The soldiers, flanked by a military band, were leading a procession in honor of Artigas.

Right place, right time. What a beautiful reward for wandering!


Montevideo, Uruguay. 2012.

Note: over the next few weeks, I’ll be revisiting photos from that adventure across Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile, and reminiscing as I go! Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Montevideo Rewards Those Who Wander

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