Embassy in Another Era


Living in Washington, DC, I’m surrounded by over 100 embassies (177 to be  exact). Most of the embassies are housed in mansions in the Embassy Row neighborhood (pictured below).


My favorite structure in Embassy Row stands out because of it’s ornate exterior, which has held up despite being shuttered for over three decades. Increased tensions led to severed relations, which led to the embassy’s residents packing up and leaving in 1979. It’s the Former Embassy of Iran. So, for the past 30 years, the embassy has sat collecting dust both inside and out. But it’s still beautiful.


Intricate tile work- in rich blues, red, and gold- covers the face of the embassy.



The Washington Post was granted access to the Embassy’s interior a few years back (lucky!). Without a press pass, I can only marvel at the intricate designs and bright tones of blue that brighten the exterior.



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