The Silver Lining

Isabella Gardner Museum-Boston-Above

The Silver Lining (if there is one) to destroying my laptop and subsequently losing photos taken during the 2017 year, is that iPhones can take great photos too. (I’ve quite honestly been sulking.) Until I figure out the extent of the damage to the laptop and photos, here are some (iPhone) photos from my recent excursion to Boston, Massachusetts. I spent a few hours getting wonderfully lost in the  Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

Isabella Gardner Museum-Boston

The museum, designed to resemble a Venetian palace, is comprised of a spacious courtyard that draws in natural light, surrounded by wings of artwork by artists such as Rembrandt, Raphael, Titian, Michelangelo, Whistler, and Sargent. The courtyard, filled with aromatic flowers and music imitating the sounds of nature, is designed to “awaken your senses” – which is also the museum’s tagline. And in fact, that is exactly what happens to those who visit. The music changes, the flowers change with the season, and the changing sun presents different light and shifting shadows throughout the day — all of which contributes to the idea that each experience will be different for visitors and their senses. I fell in love with what the museum represents as much as the actual museum itself.

Isabella Gardner Museum-Boston-Shadows

My re-telling doesn’t do the museum justice. Do your senses a favor, and visit the museum yourself!




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