Seen in Chisinau

Cathedral_ChisinauSeen during my quick trip to Chisinau, Moldova in June.

This man was parked outside of the Metropolitan Cathedral, located one of the main squares of the city, Cathedral Park (Parcul Catedralei), watching people entering and exiting the church.



2 thoughts on “Seen in Chisinau

  1. It’s a beautiful photograph of a sad moment in time. Did anyone come to help him in? It’s almost as if I can feel him longing to get inside. In Mexico City we got off the train in the underground and there was a man in a wheel chair at the bottom of the stairs and almost immediately four random men grabbed his chair and carried him to the top. So sweet.


    • Alison, that is so uplifting to hear that people came together, without someone needing to explicitly ask for help. In this case, sadly, that didn’t happen. Similar to Mexico City, Chisinau has a lack of accessibility for persons with disabilities (uneven sidewalks, cars parked on sidewalks, lack of ramps). It was hard for me to navigate 😦 But there was also a lot of construction happening, and a lot of sidewalk repair. I can only hope that in the near future, accessibility will not be an issue.

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