The Trail


Cee’s Black and White Challenge this week is Walking Paths and Trails. 

The theme transported me back in time, to 2013, when I was exploring South America. I crossed the Andes Mountains from Argentina into Chile, but took some time to explore the Andes along the way.

Pictured: Mount Aconcagua, the highest mountain the Western Hemisphere, standing at 22841 ft (6962 m). And it is breathtaking.

In the forefront is a trail, that winds through the valley, up to the base of the mountain. There was a strong wind that moved the clouds quickly by, creating shadows and dark pockets in the valley that at times hid the trail from view.


Side note/just for fun/not black and white: 

My first name is Andie (as in: Photographer Andie). I knew I would be traveling to the Andes Mountains. So for 3 months, I carried around a box of Andes chocolates (so yummy) so that I could, at last, stand in front of the Andes Mountains holding a box of Andes chocolates. Why? Just because. Word Play x 3.



Andie in the Andes with Andes   




cerro aconcagua


Cerro (Mount) Aconcagua; Mendoza, Argentina



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