Tbilisi and Steinbeck


During the Cold War (1947), John Steinbeck visited the Soviet Union, alongside photography Robert Capa. Steinbeck wrote about their travels, and Capa photographed them. One of their stops along the way was Tbilisi. Steinbeck described their time in Georgia (and 70 years later it is still true), writing:

“People who had never been there, and who possibly never could go there, spoke of Georgia with a kind of longing and a great admiration. They spoke of Georgians as supermen, as great drinkers, great dancers, great musicians, great workers and lovers. And they spoke of the country in the Caucasus and around the Black Sea as a kind of second heaven. Indeed, we began to believe that most Russians hope that if they live very good and virtuous lives, they will go not to heaven, but to Georgia, when they die.”

Some snapshots from my recent trip to Tbilisi, Georgia.Β 

Tbilisi_CastleMetekhi Church


Tbilisi_Porch_rosesPorches with views, and vibrant roses

Tbilisi_View_Conversation.jpgGood conversation overlooking a breathtaking scene, two of the best things in life

Tbilisi_StoreFrontArt Cafe, at dusk

Georgia (the people, the culture, the views) hold a special place in my memory, as it clearly did for Steinbeck, too. More pictures to follow soon.Β 


11 thoughts on “Tbilisi and Steinbeck

    • i will definitely share more soon. and i absolutely recommend a trip there! when you land at the airport, there is a sign that greets you that says, “Tbilisi, The City that Loves You” — and I can tell you, the people and the city are so welcoming that I felt LOVED πŸ™‚


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