Charleston Continued: Can’t Get Enough

Do you like a good ghost story? What about tales of Blackbeard and pirate duels? Civil War battle reenactments? Live music?

What are you waiting for? Visit Charleston already. You can check out more photos/highlights of my weekend trip in my last post. Here are just a few more, with some historical fun facts. Because I just cannot get enough of this hospitable city.

Charleston_AlleyPhiladelphia Alley, still referred to as Dueler’s Alley by the locals, where duels routinely took place.

Charleston_GraveyardGraveyards are plentiful. So are the stories of hauntings. Some graveyards have run out of space (note the stacked headstones).


Blue Porch Ceilings, a southern tradition, was thought to keep evil spirits (called “haints”) away.


Pineapple Fountain, Waterfront Park. The pineapple, seen in art and architecture, is a symbol of hospitality. When ship captains would return from their time at sea, they would take a pineapple, spear it, and stick it on the fence near the entrance of their house- a message to people in the town that they were back and ready to entertain guests.


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