Charleston Continued: Can’t Get Enough

Charleston_AlleyDo you like a good ghost story? What about tales of Blackbeard and pirate duels? Civil War battle reenactments? Live music?

What are you waiting for? Visit Charleston already. (Pictured above: Philadelphia Alley, still referred to as Dueler’s Alley by the locals, where duels routinely took place.)

You can check out more photos/highlights of my weekend trip in my last post. Here are just a few more, with some historical fun facts. Because I just cannot get enough of this hospitable city.

Charleston_GraveyardGraveyards are plentiful. So are the stories of hauntings. Some graveyards have run out of space (note the stacked headstones).


Blue Porch Ceilings, a southern tradition, was thought to keep evil spirits (called “haints”) away.


Pineapple Fountain, Waterfront Park. The pineapple, seen in art and architecture, is a symbol of hospitality. When ship captains would return from their time at sea, they would take a pineapple, spear it, and stick it on the fence near the entrance of their house- a message to people in the town that they were back and ready to entertain guests.


4 thoughts on “Charleston Continued: Can’t Get Enough

  1. Love the pineapple fountain!
    Thank you for recently following my blog 🙂 I’ll be following along yours as well – see you around.


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