Weekend Getaway in Charleston, SC

Charleston_ChurchStLast August, in the dead of summer, I took a weekend getaway to Charleston, South Carolina. As a proud “born and raised” Californian, this was one of my most authentic southern experiences to date. The hospitality was unrivaled.

The official purpose of the trip was to attend the Hootie and the Blowfish annual concert. 10/10 would recommend. Even in the 90% humidity, Charleston was great. Highlights, in pictures:

Charleston_CampusCollege of Charleston campus, founded in 1770. One of the oldest education systems in the US.

Charleston_Rainbow_RowRainbow Row, 14 brightly colored row houses, that dates back to the 1740s. The homes belonged to merchants who had storefronts on the entry level, and private residences above. Though it’s still debated, many believe they were traditionally painted in bright colors so drunken sailors could fine their way home. (I like to think there is truth to that.)

Charleston_BugieCharleston streets

Charleston_ShopfrontCharleston Storefront; Queen Street

Charleston_Skyline_StormAlso worth noting: Summer storms are common. Expected. Bring an umbrella. And have an exit strategy (where is the nearest overhang?!)

→ Also worth exploring:

Angel Oak Tree (see my previous post on what is thought to be one of the oldest trees in the country).

Boone Hall Plantation: one of the oldest working plantations- they still grow crops. You can take a tour, walk the property, visit the plantation residence. They offer great educational opportunities.

BooneHall_Plantation_CharlestonThe Avenue of Oaks; Boone Hall Plantation


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