Corfu Town, Greece


When I need a vacation but cannot get away, I find myself reminiscing on photos from the Greek Isles, from a trip I took in summer of 2014. (It’s time for another one). 

I spent one day in Corfu Town, the city of motor scooters, sapphire-colored waters, and clotheslines dropped with brightly colored towels.

For now, these photos will simply have to do.

Don’t get me wrong, I love museums. But with limited time, I prefer to simply wander. It feels more organic that way… less curated.



Corfu_Greece_ClocktowerMarket downtown, with the bellower of the Saint Spyridon Church as a orienting guide throughout the town.


How many dashboard watches is too many? … rhetorical question. You can never have too many.


6 thoughts on “Corfu Town, Greece

  1. Wonderful photographs Andie, especially the opener. It reminds me of all the brilliantly colourful laundry I photographed in Italy. I enjoy museums, but yeah, the streets can be so much more organic. So often the city itself is a museum.


  2. Lovely photos, I have the same ones! I’m currently sat on our boat in the harbour below Corfu castle. Waiting for guests to arrive and spend the week onboard with us. We know Corfu town well and always enjoy wandering through the little streets. It’s a very photogenic place, too!


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