Corfu Town, Greece

When I need a vacation but cannot get away, I find myself reminiscing on photos from the Greek Isles, from a trip I took in summer of 2014. (It’s time for another one). 

I spent one day in Corfu Town, the city of motor scooters, sapphire-colored waters, and clotheslines dropped with brightly colored towels.

For now, these photos will simply have to do.

Corfu_Greece_ClothslineDon’t get me wrong, I love museums. But with limited time, I prefer to simply wander. It feels more organic that way… less curated.


Corfu_Greece_ClocktowerMarket downtown, with the bellower of the Saint Spyridon Church as a orienting guide throughout the town.


How many dashboard watches is too many? … rhetorical question. You can never have too many.


4 thoughts on “Corfu Town, Greece

  1. Wonderful photographs Andie, especially the opener. It reminds me of all the brilliantly colourful laundry I photographed in Italy. I enjoy museums, but yeah, the streets can be so much more organic. So often the city itself is a museum.


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