Boston: The City on a Hill


I took an overnight train to Boston from Washington, DC (photos of the train ride here), determined to take in as much history and culture in a 72 hour window as possible . Boston is a city rooted in rebellion and revolution, which is a continued source of pride. It is also the city of nicknames: Beantown (baked beans) , The City on a Hill (John Winthrop), The Hub (Oliver Wendell’s The Hub of the Universe), and America’s Walking City. Here are some suggestions for visiting the oldest city in America.

1. You are never too cool for a “city by foot” tour.  Skip the car, taxi, uber, left, bus, etc. Learn some history, while having the freedom to lag behind the group to snap photos when you please.

2. You cannot walk in a straight line on streets in Boston. If you look straight ahead, it’s hard to find a skyline, or a direction. It is disorienting, and it will test your spacial ability, but you will stumble upon unexpected sights along the way.downtown_boston_buildings

3. Follow the Red Brick Road. The Freedom Trail is a network of 16 sites that were instrumental in the creation of the city and the nation. Main characters include: John Hancock, Samuel Adams, and Paul Revere.The trail includes sites in Boston Common, The North End, and Charlestown. boston_public_garden

4. Wander through North End (Little Italy), the oldest neighborhood in Boston. Visit Mike’s Pastry for cannoli. Also, get your fix of pizza, gelato, espresso. And some Freedom Trail sights. boston_littleitaly_restaurant

littleitaly_boston_rowhousesTimestamp: 1895

boston_littleitalyHanover Street is the main street in North End

5. Wandering (literal meaning:traveling aimlessly from place to place) is encouraged. beaconhill_morninglightBeacon Hill in the morning (with its Federal, Greek Revival, and Victorian architecture). 

6. I took enough photos of doors to fill an entire post, so I will. Beautiful Boston Doors post coming soon!

Boston, thanks for the adventure!


4 thoughts on “Boston: The City on a Hill

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  2. I didn’t make it to Boston the last time I was in the States and I regret it every time I see photos of that city. I long to go there one day, it really looks like a town that I could love a lot.


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