“Mutlu- it means happy in Turkish”


‘My name is “Mutlu” – it means happy in Turkish,’ my driver said to me, after presenting me with a gift. I had spent less than 60 minutes with him across two different days- when he picked me up from the airport and when he dropped me off. But we connected. I asked him a lot of questions about culture and current events, all of which he answered openly and willingly. My 60 minutes of conversation with Mutlu beautifully illustrates my time in Turkey: short but meaningful, and over all too soon.

Ankara, in photos:

Snow-topped view of Ankara from Ankara Kalesi
“The best baklava in Ankara” – Turkish Tea and Baklava at Mado Cafe, best when shared with good company
Aslant Antik – Antiques storefront in Ankara
Ankara “Bagels” – the baker, passing by on the street, took the tray off of his head to serve them up
Evil Eye

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