In Review: 2016, Year of Antithesis

2016, Year of Antithesis. The highs brought out the best of humanity- love, progress, and cooperation. But the lows- and there were many- illustrated the visceral ills of society. I choose to ring in the new year with thoughts for a productive and positive year ahead. I saw beautiful sights (Cherry Blossoms in my nation’s capital), traveled to new places near (Charleston) and far (Moscow), and learned stories from new friends. I am sharing four photos from four seasons.

Cheers and Happy New Year.

washingtondcinspringSPRING – Washington, DC, Cherry Blossom Festival

charlestoninsummerSUMMER – Charleston, South Carolina, Church Street

washingtondcinfallFALL – Washington, DC, Swann Street

russiainwinterWINTER – Moscow, Russia, Red Square. More of Moscow in my last post. 


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