Keepin’ Austin Weird

Greetings from Austin Mural

I took a recent trip to Austin, Texas, which I briefly illustrated in my last post. A significant portion of my trip involved me stumbling across numerous beautiful murals throughout the city.

These eclectic murals capture the city’s diverse identity that has been shaped by it’s leading role as a hub for politics, education, and the arts.  They express faith, identity, community, and mandates, like “SMILE! Even if you don’t want to.”

Hi How are you Mural
Guadalupe & 21st// on the side of a restaurant called “Thai, how are you?”
Austin Mural
City of Austin: 23rd and Guadalupe // the location of an outdoor artisanal market
Ya Esta Mural
Ya Esta! No address… but off of the highway 35 frontage road.
Austin Texas
6th & SB I-35 Access Rd I tried to take a picture of the whole mural. A (homeless) lady walked right through it. Whelp, this one will do.
I Wish You Were Here: 1224 S. Congress Avenue.  I’m counting this as Austin art. Because it is. // It’s hung outside of The Snack Bar, an Austin staple that is closing it’s doors, sadly.
Willie for President
Willie for President: 1423 S Congress Ave.

Have you been to Austin? What (and where) are your favorite city murals?


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