Keep Austin Weird

Texas State House RotundaThe slogan fits. I visited Austin in mid-October and was greeted by the hospitality, the funk, the pride in the peculiarity. Here are some highlights:

Texas Capitol Building

The State Capitol building

Paramount Theatre Austin

Paramount Theatre, preparing for Austin Film Festival

UT Austin

UT-Austin Campus

UT Austin TowerYe shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free

UT Gun FreeAsk UT Students how they feel about the new gun law? #GunFreeUT


Other “must see” spots:

Voodoo Donuts, 6th Street, open 24/7 to meet all of your donut desires

Zilker Park, for walking, bathing, and more.

The Bats Emergence from Congress Avenue Bridge, they came out after dark (boo!)

Whole Foods HQ, where they have a bar, a sit-down restaurant, and a culinary center. I grabbed some pizza, sat outside in the shade, and listened to a band from Little Rock, Arkansas that reminded my ear of Tom Petty. Win.

72 hours was not enough time. What else would I have done with more time? Where do I start…

Next Post: The vibrant mural arts scene in Austin… So spectacular it’s worthy of its own post



3 thoughts on “Keep Austin Weird

    • Right?? Definitely something they feel passionate about. I visited on a Sunday and campus was quiet, otherwise I may have seen some protesting or some passing out of some… toys 😉 The campus is beautiful, though. I recommend visiting if you haven’t.

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